The Best Egg Cookers in Canada – Handpicked and Buying Guide in 2023

A perfect egg cooker will bring unexpected convenience and surprises to the busy life.

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Between work, school, taking care of the kids, cleaning and all the other things that need to be done, it becomes difficult to get everything done. When you have to take care of meals and cook for several people, it’s a guaranteed headache!

Luckily, there are tools to make cooking easier and help busy families. Are you tired of preparations that take forever and want to simplify your life? Do you like eggs, whether hard-boiled, poached, soft-boiled, scrambled or even in an omelette? What if your eggs cooked themselves, just by pressing a button? It’s exhausting to always break eggs, whisk and beat them in a bowl or peel them after dipping them in water. All these steps add up and go on and on until you can’t take it anymore.

To avoid all these exhausting steps, and the kitchen utensils that pile up, there is a solution: egg cookers! Enjoy perfect eggs, just the way you like them, without all the stress and with a nice time-saving!

For breakfasts, quick lunches, as an addition to salads, in a breakfast sandwich or just for a quick snack before work, eggs are a safe and healthy choice. To make your meals easier and to help you choose the best, we offer this buying guide of the best egg cookers on the market at a good price.

We spent more than 60 hours comparing 30+ of the most popular egg cookers on the market and taking into account the opinions of 300+ customers who have used these products to help you pick the best of the best.

1. Dash DEC005AQ – Best Overall

Are you looking for an egg cooker to help you prepare your meals, and are you looking for a model with balanced features? The Dash DEC005AQ offers a good mix of simplicity, versatility and elegance, all at a great price.

Dash DEC005AQ Features:

  • Weight: 454 grams
  • Dimensions: 18.54 cm X 16.51 cm X 15.24 cm (7.3″ X 6.5″ X 6″)
  • Color: Aqua green
  • Accessories included: measuring cup with piercing pin, tray for boiling eggs, tray for making poached eggs, tray for making omelets, recipe guide, power cord.

What we Think of The Dash DEC005AQ

Thanks to its timer and automatic shut-off that prevents overheating, your meals won’t go to waste.

You will even be warned when your eggs are ready with a beep resembling a chime, a very pleasant sound for the ears!

It can be used in the morning as well as the rest of the day, it is versatile and easy to use.

Don’t forget to make a hole at the base of the egg, then position it upwards in the cooker, to allow the steam to penetrate well.

The appliance is easy to use and clean, your meals will be prepared in no time, as the Dash DEC005AQ allows you to have eggs just the way you like them, whether they are hard-boiled, poached or soft-boiled.

The Dash DEC005AQ makes it possible to create delicious meals in minutes, much faster than with older cooking methods.

You need to take the time to experiment with taste, to find the ideal cooking time according to the desired firmness and texture.

No need for oil or big heavy pots filled with water, just a little water, an electrical outlet and your eggs will cook without a hitch.

You’ll need to use a little more water if you want a well-cooked egg, though.

The Dash DEC005AQ is compact and its aqua colors with silver accents will become a must-have on your kitchen counters!

Its many accessories such as the poached egg tray, its omelet tray and its small recipe book add value to this egg cooker, especially at such a great price.

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The Dash DEC005AQ is easy to use, requires minimal effort and allows you to make multiple types of eggs and recipes.


2. Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 C – highest performance egg cooker

With its egg-shaped design in stainless steel and black, this luxurious and discreet appliance will perfectly match your other appliances, for a professional chef’s kitchen!

Its two-level cooking system allows you to cook up to ten eggs at a time, for families with big appetites!

There are even removable trays that can be used to poach eggs and create sumptuous omelets, as well as offer the desired consistency of hard, medium or soft.

Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 C Features:

  • Weight: 900 grams
  • Dimensions: 17.15 cm X 17.78 cm X 24.13 cm (6.75″ X 7″ X 9.5″)
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Accessories included: brushed stainless steel lid, two trays for ten-egg steamer capacities, a poaching tray with four-egg capacity, an omelet tray with three-egg capacity, two egg holders, measuring cup with piercing pin, power cord and built-in storage.

What We Think About the Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 C

The Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 C is very small and easy to clean with its stainless steel interior and exterior, also allowing for the reduction of rust or mildew.

Its elegant design will match your appliances and your chef’s kitchen.

The egg cooker, which can cook up to ten eggs per use, also allows for multiple options, making multiple types of eggs and cooking in the same machine.

The incomparable taste and ideal temperature of the eggs that are cooked with the Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 make it a high-end egg cooker.

After cooking your eggs, the machine does not automatically turn off, you will have to do it manually by means of the stop button.

You have to be careful not to burn yourself, as the handles on the lid are not positioned properly and the steam coming out of the bowl can be hot on your hands.

It is recommended that you use distilled water, so that your eggs come out even better and fresher!

The Cuisinart Egg Central CEC-10 is easy to use with the instructions, the eggs are tasty and the prep time is quick.

The amount of water to put in the machine depends on the type of cooking you want and you can adjust it as you cook.

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Its efficiency with its ten-egg capacity, its elegance and the wide variety of dishes that can be created with the Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker make it an obvious choice.


3. Hamilton Beach 25500 – low budget egg cooker

This egg cooker lets you make up to seven eggs in minutes, whether hard, medium or soft, plus it offers a non-stick tray for poaching up to three eggs at a time.

Poached eggs cook in less than ten minutes and require no extra effort.

A small, discreet machine that doesn’t take up much space on your counter or in your cupboards and alerts you with its timer when its work is done.

Hamilton Beach 25500 Features:

  • Weight: 748 grams
  • Dimensions: 32.11 cm X 29.49 cm X 11.51 cm (12.64″ X 11.61″ X 4.53″)
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories included: separate egg poaching tray with three egg capacity, measuring cup with piercing pin, power cord

What we Think of The Hamilton Beach 25500

This small and affordable egg cooker does a good job of boiling up to seven eggs very quickly and efficiently.

The Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker is compact, so it’s more convenient than a large pot of water and therefore can be used just about anywhere: at work, in a small kitchen or even when camping.

It takes some experimentation to determine the level of water required for the type of cooking desired.

It’s important to note that the Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker doesn’t shut off automatically, but a timer will let you know when it’s ready.

With the Hamilton Beach 25500, a non-stick tray allows you to poach three eggs at once without them sticking to the sides.

There’s also a compartment to store the egg cooker’s power cord.

The piercing needle, located below the measuring cup, is made of plastic, so you have to be careful not to break it.

It is advisable to clean the trays and bowls immediately after use, to avoid sticking and egg residue in your cooker.

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The Hamilton Beach 25500 is affordable and efficient, giving you several new dining options!


4. Dash Deluxe – Large Capacity For Large Families!

How about being able to quickly cook a dozen eggs at once?

That’s what the Dash Deluxe is all about!

With its twelve-egg capacity, the appliance can create hard-boiled, poached, scrambled eggs, in addition to making omelets easier to prepare.

Dash Deluxe Features:

  • Weight: 1150 grams
  • Dimensions: 22.86 cm X 20.32 cm X 25.4 cm (9″ X 8″ X 10″)
  • Color: Aqua green (also available in red, white, black and purple)
  • Accessories included: seven-egg capacity poaching tray, omelet bowl, egg stand, measuring cup with piercing pin, recipe book and power cord.

What we Think of The Dash Deluxe

Eggs are easy to peel coming out of the Dash Deluxe Quick Egg Cooker.

It’s very easy to use and clean, and it saves a lot of time because it’s much faster to cook eggs in the machine than on the stovetop.

Like Dash’s other model, the DEC005AQ, the Dash Deluxe has an automatic shut-off feature to avoid overcooking your eggs.

Depending on the amount of eggs, it may be necessary to adjust the time in the Dash Deluxe to get it just right.

You must use the correct amount of water as per the instruction guide or the Dash Deluxe will stop cooking before the end of the cooking time.

With its two levels, the Dash Deluxe can also be used to steam vegetables, dumplings and even seafood!

It’s a good deal considering its performance, it will satisfy the appetite of the whole family, without the slowness of a long traditional meal.

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The Dash Deluxe is a very interesting small appliance that can cook a dozen eggs at a time, as well as steam other foods.


5. Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2 – Boil eggs fastest

Soft-boiled eggs in five to six minutes, hard-boiled eggs in less than fifteen minutes, what more could you want?

Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached or even scrambled, you’ll have no shortage of ideas for preparing your eggs with the Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2.

Easy to clean and use, most pieces are dishwasher safe.

No need to burn yourself on hot eggs or wait for them to cool down, you have a tray lift tool to move them around with ease.

Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2 Features:

  • Weight: 726 grams
  • Dimensions: 18.54 cm X 18.54 cm X 21.84 cm (7.3″ X 7.3″ X 8.6″)
  • Color: Black (also available in red, gray and white)
  • Accessories included: a poaching bowl, an egg holder, a measuring cup with piercing pin and a power cord

What we Think of The Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2

The appliance, which can cook six eggs at a time, automatically stops when it’s finished cooking and warns with an audible alarm, however you must turn off this alarm.

The Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2 is easy to use and requires little maintenance, with easy cleaning.

For a soft-boiled egg, also known as a “soft egg”, cooking is very quick, taking only five to six minutes.

Adding more water for a longer cooking cycle will greatly help the results and therefore the taste of the eggs.

The auto shut-off function prevents overcooking the eggs.

However, the timer may stop too quickly, so the eggs are not cooked yet and if they do another cooking cycle, they may be overcooked.

It cooks faster than boiling in a traditional pot of water and it is easier to peel the eggs when they come out of the machine.

It is possible to poach only two eggs at a time, but the Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2 is quite quick to use, so you can chain the poaching.

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At a very affordable price, the Chefman FBA_RJ24-V2 is small and efficient. Its automatic shut-off feature keeps your eggs from overcooking.


6. Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic

With the Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic, you can cook up to seven eggs, depending on your preferred cooking method: a soft-boiled egg, a medium egg or a hard-boiled egg.

It saves time and water, and allows you to peel eggs efficiently.

Cleaning is quick and easy.

The automatic shut-off function of the machine makes life much easier, so you don’t have to stand next to the machine while it’s running and thus, avoid burning the eggs.

Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic Features:

  • Weight: 590 grams
  • Dimensions: 15.8 cm X 16.38 cm X 15.8 cm (6.22″ X 6.45″ X 6.22″)
  • Color: Teal blue (also available in white and yellow)
  • Accessories included: one tray with a capacity of seven eggs per cooking, one tray for poaching up to two eggs, one tray for an omelet, one measuring cup with a piercing pin underneath and one power cord.

What We Think of The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic

The size of the Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic makes it convenient to use anywhere, including at the cottage or camping, and it doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen.

A beeper lets you know when the cooking is over, but its volume is very loud and the sound is unpleasant, it startles many people and only stops when someone turns it off.

You need to put in a little more water than the instruction manual suggests if you want more cooked eggs, but hard-boiled eggs will come out fine.

No more sacrificing your eggs in boiling water that will break even before cooking or that you won’t be able to peel, this appliance allows for proper cooking and the eggs peel easily.

The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic is easy to use and clean, and if there is ever any residue, a few drops of vinegar is all it takes to wipe it off.

This electric cooker even acts as a multi-functional appliance since it can also steam vegetables and other types of food.

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The versatility and small size of the Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Maxi-Matic make it an essential tool for egg or steamed food lovers.


7. VonShef 7 – Efficiency & Ergonomics For Cooking Eggs!

The VonShef 7 Electric Egg Poacher lets you cook up to seven eggs at a time, plus it has a tray for poached eggs.

Get hard-boiled, medium, soft-boiled or even poached eggs with this small, affordable appliance.

The unique stainless steel design, combined with the vent holes and handle above the lid, makes this egg cooker a safe and ergonomic choice and looks great on your kitchen counter.

The risk of burns is minimal, as steam can escape throughout the cooking process and therefore not build up when you open the unit.

VonShef 7 Electric Egg Poacher Features:

  • Weight: 694 grams
  • Dimensions: 17.27 cm X 17.27 cm X 18.29 cm (6.8″ X 6.8″ X 7.2″)
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Accessories included: a stainless steel lid, a seven-egg-per-cooking capacity tray, a poached egg tray, a measuring cup with the piercing pin underneath, an egg holder and a power cord

What We Think of The VonShef 7 Electric Egg Poacher

Up to seven eggs can be cooked quickly, anywhere from six to 12 minutes.

The risk of burning is almost non-existent, with a handle on the lid and vent holes to release steam from cooking.

You no longer have to wait to stop cooking when you think the eggs are done, as the VonShef 7 Electric Egg Poacher automatically shuts off and alerts you with a warning light.

However, there is no beep once the cooking is complete, so you need to watch whether the light is on or off to determine if the VonShef 7 Electric Egg Pouch has finished its job and avoid overheating.

The instructions for how much water to put in the egg poacher can be difficult to understand, but after a few tries, it is easy to know if you need to add or remove water.

It only takes a few milliliters to cook an egg, which wastes much less water than a regular pot.

Sometimes eggs can get stuck in the pan after they’re done cooking, so to avoid breaking them, it’s a good idea to add a few knobs of butter.

The egg cooker is easy to clean with its stainless steel lid, but the plate and trays are made of plastic, so you need to scrub them a bit more to remove any residue that may be on them.

The VonShef 7 Electric Egg Poacher is easy to use and even children can use it safely, as the steam is removed throughout the cooking process.

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An efficient and elegant design in your kitchen, it cooks eggs in just a few minutes without mess or spoilage.


What to Know Before Buying an Egg Cooker

When it comes to buying a cooking appliance, whether it’s a deep fryer, microwave… or an egg cooker, you need to determine why you want to buy it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but eggs can be enjoyed all day long.

On the other hand, going to a restaurant every time you have a craving for eggs isn’t very appealing and can get expensive very quickly.

In comparison, spending hours cooking eggs in pots and pans, not to mention stirring, seasoning and peeling them with difficulty, is not profitable in the long run.

How to Use an Egg Cooker?

A machine like an egg cooker can help you prepare your meals, as it doesn’t require much attention and it does the work for you.

There are not many steps to do to get your eggs cooked to your liking, just select the eggs, make a small hole at the base of them, insert them into the machine as in an egg cup, add some cold water, close the case and let the machine do the rest.

Several models are equipped with a transparent lid that allows you to check on the progress of the cooking process.

Why Do You Need an Egg Cooker?

It’s no coincidence that there are several types of cookers.

So, just as a rice cooker is more suitable for rice than a more generic pressure cooker, an egg cooker is the appliance you need if you’re looking to get perfect eggs.

Also known as an egg cooker or electric egg cooker, this device can save you a lot of time and energy with its compact design and ease of use.

No matter how many eggs you want to make for your meals, egg cookers can be useful. Pots of boiling water take a long time to heat up, are heavy, and it’s possible to get burned, while egg cookers are much lighter, quicker, and carry less risk.

Whether you want to make hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs or even omelets, these options are possible with these small appliances.

Plus, most models are BPA-free, ensuring your food safety.

Can it be Used Anywhere Other Than in The Kitchen?

Most egg cooker models are small in size.

This means you can take it with you anywhere, from the office to the cottage to the campsite, and let it do the work of cooking your eggs.

All you need is access to an electrical outlet.

Why is The Auto Shut-off Feature an Option to Consider?

Many models feature an automatic shut-off option, which can make life much easier.

Again, this process prevents overheating or overcooking your eggs, and it makes your life easier because you don’t have to stand by the stove waiting for it to be ready.

This gives you time to prepare the rest of the meal or do other tasks.

What Types of Eggs Can You Make in an Egg Cooker?

Whether you like your eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled or omelet style, there is no shortage of options, as in addition to the standard cooking functions, you have access to removable trays on most models to make the eggs according to your desired cooking method.



How to Pick Out The Best Egg Cooker?

As seen above, many factors have influenced our choice of egg cookers.

Since each family has its own cooking habits, it is important to determine what is important to you: the quantities, the cooking methods, and the price you can afford.


The number of eggs the appliance can cook can be a determining factor.

This can range from a few eggs to a dozen for large families.

The Price

Also, the price ranges are to be considered, because you don’t want to pay too much, but at the same time, it’s important to have quality.

These prices can vary, so watch out for specials!

What’s Included and What’s The Cooking Methods

The different cooking methods as well as the included accessories, such as omelet trays and compartments for steaming other foods, can make a difference when you make your purchase.

Time To Use

Preparation times, while all fairly quick, were the basis of our research, as we know how precious your time is and that it should not be wasted.

In addition to the time to prepare meals, there is also the time to clean up.

On some models, the accessories are dishwasher safe, but the more pieces, the longer it can take to clean or assemble the egg cooker.

Space Requirements

While most models are compact and don’t require much space on your countertop, others are larger and heavier, which can be inconvenient if you want to take it with you on the go.

We’ve done our best to provide a comparison for you to choose the best egg cooker possible.

If we missed any information or new models, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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