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Why baby’s nails are abnormal

The child’s normal nails are pink, plump, smooth and glossy, and the nails are tough. There is no barb on the outline of the nail’s edge. Some parents often pay attention to their children’s nails. When they find abnormalities, they suspect that the children are not vitamin-deficient. Ke Haijin, deputy chief physician of the Children’s Health Care Department, reminded children that their nails are abnormal and that they have various symptoms. The reason is not necessarily a lack of vitamins.

White or light pink nails If the baby’s nails are white or pale red, and the symptoms of chlorosis on the top, dry skin, reddening of the eye’s conjunctiva and lips, or whitish symptoms, the baby is most likely anemic. At this point parents need to adjust the baby to a good diet, 6-month baby can add iron fortified rice noodles, and then some of the larger baby can properly eat some iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, pig blood, red meat, egg yolk Etc., and at the same time, supplement some foods rich in protein, lactose, and vitamins to promote the absorption of iron. If the anaemia is severe, some iron may be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Fingernails are grayed out and darkened. If your baby’s nails appear gray or black, most of them are caused by fungal infections. Parents should try to keep the baby’s hands clean and dry. If other people in the family have a fungal infection, try to avoid contact with the baby to avoid infection.

Fingernail breaks Some baby’s nails are relatively brittle and their nails are easily broken. This is caused by malnutrition, especially due to insufficient protein intake. Therefore, parents should pay attention to help children to get rid of the problems of the partial eclipse, the diet can not be too partial prime, but should eat more protein-rich foods.

If the baby’s nails always have barbed edges, it may be caused by the dry weather. After the baby wipes the body lotion, the barbs can be improved quickly, but if the baby is always Long barbs, we must look at the baby is not the body of vitamins or zinc and other trace elements. Can eat some fresh vegetables, fruits and other vitamin-rich foods, if necessary, taking vitamin supplements under the guidance of a doctor.

Fingernails have horizontal grooves and dimples. When an abnormal phenomenon, such as a lateral groove, a small pit, and a longitudinal tear, appears on the deck of the baby’s nail, it may be a signal from some diseases in the body. Ke Haijin, for example, said that if a dimple appears on the deck, it may be a sign of the baby suffering from chronic inflammatory skin disease (psoriasis, alopecia areata, etc.). When there is a longitudinal rupture of the deck, it may be related to the baby suffering from systemic disease or trauma. Therefore, when the baby’s nail deck is found to be abnormal, it is best to take it to the hospital and ask a dermatologist or pediatrician for treatment.

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