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We Got Our Security System Due to Neighborhood Burglaries

My wife and I have been watching the news and reading the newspaper looking for information on the burglaries that have been happening in our neighborhood. We drove around to the different addresses, and we noticed that not one of the places had a yard sign warning about the home having an alarm system. Well, one place did, but they got the alarm after the burglary. To head off our home being on the list of easy to hit targets, I got online and looked for ADT near me. I wanted to get our home outfitted with a modern security system as soon as possible.

The installation was quick. Since there are no wires to run from each door or window, the system installs quickly. The batteries on the sensors last for years before needing to be replaced. When they do need replaced, it is easy to replace them. If you can put batteries in a flashlight, you can switch out the batteries in your ADT wireless sensors and detectors. We also have a motion detector. I tried to sneak passed it being as stealthy as I could. I tested it a few times. There is no getting passed it without setting it off. Plus, the system ignores our pets so no false alarms.

The added fire and carbon monoxide protection is a huge plus. We originally just wanted it for the intrusion protection. We have added home automation to be able to control lights, locks, thermostat and more from our smartphones. The cameras we have inside and outside also give peace of mind as we can look at what the cameras are seeing from anywhere we have an internet connection. I even check those bumps in the night now using my phone to look and see what the camera outside is seeing. I am going to add a few more cameras.

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