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To Buy or Not to Buy Great Hair Day?

Embarrassed about your thinning hair, which are gradually revealing the roots underneath? Then let me assure you, you are not the only one. Thinning hair and bald patches are common and as a result, many of us are embarrassed about making appearances on the TV or going to parties. But times have changed. Getting a quick fix to this problem is no more a big deal. Here’s how …

A perfect concealer

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day has come around as a revolutionary hair cosmetic that does an excellent job in concealing your bald patches and thinning hair. This is a non-budge, transfer proof fill-in powder. So, this product doesn’t run on your face if you are out in the rain. It doesn’t even get to the pillow while you are resting your head on it.

It remains as it is, until you shampoo it away. This fill-in powder gives your scalp a matte finish. This not only covers the less growth areas flawlessly but also reduces every bit of shininess on your scalp. This gives the onlooker an impression that you have a full growth of hair on your head. So, if you are using this quick fix fill-in powder, no one gets a clue that you are suffering from hair loss problems.

Money saver

Hair implants and surgeries can cost you fortunes. Leave alone the fact that you have to wait till the whole operational processes get over so that you can get a tuft of hair back on your head! The Great Hair Day is way smarter than any of these.

You just need to spare only a few minutes to apply this powder on your head. After that, you are good to go. It costs just like any other usual cosmetic. For a small value, you get this wonderful powder along with a mirrored compact and a custom designed brush with which application becomes an easy one step process.

Why buy it?

This product is especially beneficial for people who make all-day appearances on TV. The product is strongly recommended by comedian and beauty expert Joan Rivers who used it on herself and now, she is all praises about it. But it’s just not her.

Every other customer who has used it is impressed with how their head looks full of hair after application. Moreover, it is available in different shades for different hair color so everyone can benefit from it. So, if you too want to make your head look lush haired and want to make an impression, this is a good time to try out this much recommended product.

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