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Guarana Pure Review

Overweight people can now heave a sigh of relief. A new product called Guarana Pure is creating waves among celebrity circles for its amazing properties. Touted as the ultimate super food, Guarana Pure, a 100 per cent natural weight loss supplement, not only peels away those extra layers from your body but also detoxifies and purifies it. Not only that, it also keeps you energized throughout the day while suppressing your uncontrollable appetite. Read more →

Cellutone Product Review

Cellulite is the bane of women all over the world. Exercise or diet doesn’t always seem to help in the removal of those lumpy fat cells that make the skin look so ugly. Countless treatment options available in the market often fail to offer a permanent solution to this problem. Another such product advertised as an effective treatment is Cellutone Goodbye Cellulite. It takes two weeks to rid the body of unsightly cellulite, making it a revolutionary new product that lives up to its name. As with safe products, this too is natural. Unlike safe products, this shows quick results. Read more →

Why baby’s nails are abnormal

The child’s normal nails are pink, plump, smooth and glossy, and the nails are tough. There is no barb on the outline of the nail’s edge. Some parents often pay attention to their children’s nails. When they find abnormalities, they suspect that the children are not vitamin-deficient. Ke Haijin, deputy chief physician of the Children’s Health Care Department, reminded children that their nails are abnormal and that they have various symptoms. The reason is not necessarily a lack of vitamins. Read more →

What should I do if my baby has abdominal pain and diarrhea?

stomach ache

Abdominal pain is one of the most common symptoms in infants and young children, and the cause of abdominal pain is very complicated. There are certain differences in the causes of abdominal pain in children of different ages. In the neonatal period, intestinal obstruction and meconium can be seen due to congenital digestive tract malformations. Peritoneitis; Intestinal inflammation and intussusception are more common in infants; parasites, enteritis, appendicitis, and ulcer disease are more common in early childhood. Read more →

Baby calcium supplement Did you choose the ingredients?


Milk is a common food in our lives. Milk is also the preferred choice for calcium supplements. Many babies also like to drink milk. The temptation of milk for babies is still great. Prepare some fresh milk for your baby. For example, in the morning, arrange your baby to drink a certain amount of milk. The effect of calcium supplementation is unusual.


In order to meet your baby’s calcium requirements, we will continue to prepare dairy products for our children. However, after the baby drinks milk for a long period of time, it is easy to get tired. Therefore, in addition to preparing milk, we can also prepare cheese for children. Cheese is also a very good calcium supplement. Cheese is a concentrated product of milk and is rich in nutrients. For some children with lactose intolerance, such as drinking milk can cause diarrhea, eating cheese is very suitable. The baby can eat cheese together with other foods, such as corn soup or potato soup. Read more →

Winter diarrhea in children to avoid the seven errors

In the process of growing up, children may also experience some abnormalities. Especially during the winter, the children’s diarrhea may also occur from time to time. We must make reasonable adjustments and allow children to recover in many ways.

Winter diarrhea conditioning in children

1, promptly add liquid Read more →

Does drinking uncooked soy milk poison?

Many people drink soymilk when they eat breakfast. The nutritional value of soymilk is high. Drinking soymilk is good for the body. However, drinking uncooked soymilk can lead to poisoning. Soymilk can be boiled and cause people to mistakenly think that it has been cooked. How to avoid soy milk boiling? What about drinking soy milk poisoning? Read more →

How to identify spoiled milk

People will buy a box of milk at home and put it in their house. If they want to drink it, they will take a bottle. However, under such circumstances, the milk bought will easily pass the shelf life, but after the expiration date, it will not be degraded. At this time, everyone It is very tangled, thrown away and too wasteful, then you know that the shelf life has not yet degenerate milk can drink it? Read more →

The first aid method of heart disease

Heart attack is often in public places, there are no medical staff, and many people do not know what to do. Time for heart attack is very precious, and it is very important how to perform effective first aid. If you have a heart attack on your side, it is better to know about some of the first aid for heart disease. At the time of the crisis, it is necessary to respond in time to treatment and perhaps it will save a life. Here are some specific steps for a heart attack emergency.

Heart disease is congenital and acquired Read more →

How to treat emergency fractures in children?

How to deal with emergency treatment of pediatric fractures

1. If there are skin wounds and bleeding, remove visible dirt and pressurize it with clean cotton or towels.

2. When open fractures of the extremities (bone fractures exposed through the wound) are bleeding, they must not be misused by cords or wires. A wide cloth strip and rubber hose can be used to tie the wound. Do not tie it too tightly so that it does not bleed, and relax for an hour or two for an hour or two. Upper body strapping tourniquet should be on the upper 1/3 of the upper arm to avoid damaging the phrenic nerve. Read more →