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No Matter Where You Live, Internet is Now Possible

When I was a young boy, I thought that I wanted to move away to the city as soon as I was old enough to do so. I did that, and quickly realized that I made an error when I found myself very much missing the sparse desert area that I grew up in. It has had it’s downsides, like not having cable or Internet access in most of the last 10 years. But that has changed. Now I can get high-speed satellite Internet in Arizona without much trouble at all.

I live near a very large Indian reservation. I love the quaint local shops run by people who live on the reservation. I love the culture. I love the stucco homes that are located many miles apart from one another. It is very common to see neighbors traveling to see one another by horseback. The clip clop of the horses’ hooves as they pass by my house on the dusty, dirt road is always comforting. I often go out on the front porch to see who is passing by and give them a wave and shout out a “hello.” So, you can see, the area where I live is not very populated, and it’s an area where we just could not get many services in the past.

I was reading our newspaper that comes out only once per week, and I saw that a well-known company is now offering us the ability to get online now with the help of satellite. I knew this would be a great thing for the elementary school on the reservation because they had no way to get online access in recent years, unlike so many other schools around the country.

I called the company immediately after seeing their half-page ad. I hoped that it was true and that I could afford the cost. It was very interesting to see that, despite the fact that I live in the boonies, I can now get a computer and surf the web for a super low cost.

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