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My Sister and I Moved in Together

When my sister and I decided to get an apartment together to save money, I knew that it was going to be fun as well as economical. She works a lot of hours, so I told her I would do the preliminary work on finding us a nice apartment that is central to both of our work locations. It did not take me long to find what I wanted once I found http://thestratfordapartments.com. There are one, two and three bedroom apartments available in a number of different floor designs.

I knew that we would want a two bedroom apartment because neither one of us had the need for a spare room as an office, plus we knew we would not get any overnight guests since our relatives all live in the same town as us. I wanted to see what amenities came with each apartment that I looked at because I knew that her work hours would not always be as crazy as what they were right then, and mine are always the same no matter what. The apartment that I found had even more amenities than what I was looking for, so I knew that we needed to grab the apartment that I was looking at before someone else did.

Not only are there two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the other rooms are nicely sized. There is also a clubhouse as well as a billiards room, and we can even make our rent payments online instead of in person. My favorite part about the apartment is that there is a dishwasher, and my sister’s favorite part is that we have laundry hookups so we don’t have to go to the laundromat. Getting this apartment was easy, and I was right that we are having a lot of fun now that we are living together.

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