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I Needed to Make Fake Pay Stubs

I own a small business. I am able to do the majority of the work myself, but there are times when I need to hire someone to help if I get too many orders coming in. I have a few people on standby for this, which makes it helpful. I was just writing them a check when they were done working, but I realized I needed to give them some type of pay receipt with it. I went online to see if I could find some kind of pay stub maker to make it easier for me as well as them.

It did not take me long to find the site that provided exactly what I was looking for. This site was created by a group of professional accountants, and that gave me the confidence that I needed to use it. What really surprised me was how low the price is to make these fake pay stubs. I know that an accountant can cost a good bit of money, since I have to use one occasionally when I run into some tax issues. That is why I am thankful that this site is so inexpensive to use.

I am not the most computer literate person, so I was happy that it is very easy to use too. It walked me through every step, and it was so simple that I knew a child would be able to do this without any problems. All I had to do was put in some information that I had right in front of me anyway, and the program on the site took care of the rest. It generates really nice pay stubs, and this is going to help me keep much better records. I know that it will probably help the few workers that I hire from time to time too.

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