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How to identify spoiled milk

People will buy a box of milk at home and put it in their house. If they want to drink it, they will take a bottle. However, under such circumstances, the milk bought will easily pass the shelf life, but after the expiration date, it will not be degraded. At this time, everyone It is very tangled, thrown away and too wasteful, then you know that the shelf life has not yet degenerate milk can drink it?

After the shelf life has not degenerateed milk can drink

Judging by the senses, if the sensory judgment is no problem, milk can still drink. The milk sold in the general market leaves a retreat for the majority of consumers in terms of shelf life. If you buy a bottle of milk with a shelf life of 7 days, its actual shelf life may be 10 days, and milk can’t really come The day of the warranty period suddenly broke.

Therefore, if the milk reaches the expiration date, but the judging from the senses has not deteriorated, milk can still be safely consumed. If you have passed four or five days, although there is no deterioration, the nutritional value is still running out. At this time, it is best not to drink. In addition, the experts also specifically mentioned that if you drink milk for children 2 years of age or younger, don’t give them any more if the shelf life is not bad. Because there are more or less bacteria in the milk, these bacteria may pose no threat to adults with strong immunity, but the child’s stomach is still weak and the immunity is low. In order not to cause extra health damage, it is better to give the children a drink. Milk within the shelf life.

How to identify spoiled milk

1, the milk heated, the surface of a layer of milk fat is fresh milk, bean curd-like surface appears to be milk, metamorphic milk, if the taste is bitter, sour or have other odors, indicating that the milk has deteriorated. This identification method is suitable for fresh milk, high-calcium milk and flavored milk beverages, while yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages are not suitable for heating.

2, sensory identification. Fresh milk (disinfected milk) is milky white or slightly yellowish. It has the inherent fragrance of fresh milk, no odor, and is a homogeneous fluid with no precipitation, no condensation, no impurities, no foreign matter, and no viscous phenomenon.

3, the milk into the water, if it does not open, it is fresh milk; if opened, it is not fresh milk. In the case of bottled milk, as long as a thin phenomenon is observed in the upper part of the milk or if the bottom of the bottle is precipitated, it is not fresh milk.

How to store milk properly

1. Fresh milk should be placed in a cool place immediately, preferably in the refrigerator.

2. Do not allow milk to be exposed to sunlight or light. Daylight and light will destroy several vitamins in milk, and it will also lose its aroma.

3, milk into the cup, teapot and other containers, if not finished, it should cover the lid back into the refrigerator, must not return the original bottle.

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