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Baby calcium supplement Did you choose the ingredients?


Milk is a common food in our lives. Milk is also the preferred choice for calcium supplements. Many babies also like to drink milk. The temptation of milk for babies is still great. Prepare some fresh milk for your baby. For example, in the morning, arrange your baby to drink a certain amount of milk. The effect of calcium supplementation is unusual.


In order to meet your baby’s calcium requirements, we will continue to prepare dairy products for our children. However, after the baby drinks milk for a long period of time, it is easy to get tired. Therefore, in addition to preparing milk, we can also prepare cheese for children. Cheese is also a very good calcium supplement. Cheese is a concentrated product of milk and is rich in nutrients. For some children with lactose intolerance, such as drinking milk can cause diarrhea, eating cheese is very suitable. The baby can eat cheese together with other foods, such as corn soup or potato soup.

Shrimp skin

Shrimp is also a food containing more calcium. The protein content in shrimp is very high. Compared with fish and fish, shrimp contains a lot of calcium. However, for babies to eat only shrimp, some babies still cannot accept it. Then we suggest that mothers can put shrimps in other foods and eat them together. After the mothers’ hands, shrimps can be made into different delicious foods.


The calcium content of sesame is quite sufficient. We saw some mothers sprinkle some sesame on baby’s rice. This also makes rice look more appetizing. Of course, the greater significance is to make the rice more nutritious and allow the baby to add calcium. Sesame can also be added to some desserts or baked foods. However, when preparing sesame for the baby, it is also necessary to control the amount of food. One day should not be consumed too much.


Autumn is rich in okra, and okra has beauty and beauty effects. However, some mothers may not understand that okra is rich in calcium, calcium content and milk quite. Therefore, preparing okra food for your baby is also a good way to make calcium. For example, okra can be stir-fried with eggs and yams, especially delicious.


Corn is rich in calcium. However, corn is harder, and when the baby is younger, it is still not possible to pick up corn. Then we can juice the corn, we can also put the corn into the pot stew. Corn soup is also a very good choice. At the same time, many babies also like to drink corn soup.


In order to help baby calcium, moms and dads can also prepare seaweed for their baby. Seaweed contains a variety of trace elements, of which many calcium content. Seaweed soup is delicious. However, mom and dad need to crush the seaweed before it is suitable for baby food.


In green leafy vegetables, greens are also favored by many people. Vegetables are not only delicious, they are rich in calcium. In many green vegetables, calcium content stands out.

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