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Baby did a bad, bad thing

As we head into the, ahem, steamy British summer I found myself having mini flashbacks to sexy dance moments in film (just the way my mind works). Scenes that were charged to the nines and loaded with… possibility. Here are a few of my favourites.

Amber Heard – The Rum Diary
To be honest you could take any of her scenes from this film, however her dance in a blues bar was downright dangerous. A modern Hollywood siren, if ever there was one. Read more →

RIP Robin Williams

Dead at 63. So sad. A look on IMDb shows Williams had over 100 acting roles listed on his filmography. That’s some output.

Whilst his work varied from genre to genre he was best known for comedy. And being a genuinely sweet human being (as the tributes to him on Twitter recently showed). Read more →

What’s harder, horror or comedy?

Lately I’ve seen some shockers on both sides. Sitting on the sofa as the credits rolls I’m trying to pinpoint exactly what the issue is and why I didn’t engage with the characters or the story.

Take horror for example. The problem is there’s – and I know many would contest this – only a certain number of ways to do horror. If you stray too far from tried and tested methods you risk getting too meta on the audience. However, if you stick too closely to stock scares and tricks people get bored. They’ve seen it all before. It’s not scary. Read more →

That’s paranoia baby!

That creeping sense of dread. Tick, tock, goes the clock. Your time is up. Is someone approaching? Did I leave the oven on? And what about those damn test results?

We’ve all got paranoid at one time or another. Difference is we’re often alone with our thoughts, or boring friends and family with our self-destructive ramblings. Whereas on film we’re witness to a character’s descent into madness, every step of the way. Read more →

Naming Queen songs in film… don’t stop me now

Everyone loves a bit of Queen right? In tribute to their musical greatness I thought I’d highlight a few moments they’ve contributed to cinema.

Whether – like the first two in the list below – they were responsible for almost the film’s entire soundtrack, or one of their songs were used in a particular scene, a bit of Queen goes a long way. Read more →

Should You Really Buy 30 Second Smile? Find Out…

Many of you are already aware of the popular ways of whitening teeth and getting back a flashy smile. Then again, a trip to the dentist’s clinic for a teeth whitening session would cost you a fortune. And, those whitening products available in the market, oh, we all hear about such scams every day! So, isn’t there anything you can trust? There is. It’s called the 30 Second Smile! Read more →

To Buy or Not to Buy Great Hair Day?

Embarrassed about your thinning hair, which are gradually revealing the roots underneath? Then let me assure you, you are not the only one. Thinning hair and bald patches are common and as a result, many of us are embarrassed about making appearances on the TV or going to parties. But times have changed. Getting a quick fix to this problem is no more a big deal. Here’s how … Read more →

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review – Does It Really Work?

Do you feel that there’s a complete lack of inspiration or motivation in your life that doesn’t make you feel like exercising or dieting to lose weight? May be you are just sitting in front of your PC and browsing online for easy weight loss programs. If you are after quick yet realistic weight loss, the Fat Loss 4 Idiots is just what you are looking for. Read more →

Bare Lifts Review – Does It Really Work?

Tired of your loose breasts and the bra straps which cannot hold them up the right way? Do you often find yourself wondering how the Hollywood glam queens exude the oomph factor in backless or strapless dresses with firm breasts and no straps to be seen? May be you don’t know about Bare Lifts yet… Read more →

Smoke Assist Review – Is it Worth Your Money?

For habitual smokers, it is indeed tough to think of living without their regular nicotine fix even for a day. Withdrawal symptoms make things even worse and cause relapse in just a few days. But what if you can smoke in a healthy way? Sounds crazy…isn’t it? Well, believe me when I say that it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Smoke Assist makes this possible for you. Read further to find out how…. Read more →